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Apps and accessibility APIs for public data sets, structured to ask and answer interesting questions.

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Inside Tracker

Which stocks should I consider for my portfolio?

Insiders at publicly traded companies (every director, officer, and owner of more than ten percent) are required to file reports every time they acquire or dispose of company stock.

We combine that filing information with the stock price performance to discover untapped trends and new portfolio picks.

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Funding Alerts

What is my startup competition doing?

Privately held companies which raise capital are required to file a report declaring the amount and the names of the investors.

We monitor those filings automatically, and can send you an alert every time a particular company, angel investor, or venture capital firm is involved.

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Suggest an app

What big question should we be working on next?

Our current list of apps just scratches the surface of what can be done, and we have plans to add a whole new range soon.

If there is a particular question you would like to see studied, using one or more public data set in any field, please contact us with your suggestion.

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